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Client Minimum Recommendations

While a wide variety of computers and devices can be used with, the following are a list of the minimum requirements for a good experience on the more common devices:



Windows version: 10
Internet Explorer: 11 or higher
Chrome: Latest Version
Firefox: Latest Version
Citrix Receiver version: 1911

macOS version: 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher
Safari: 7 or Higher
Chrome: Latest Version
Firefox: Latest Version
Citrix Workspace App version: 2002



iOS version: 10 or higher
iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Latest Workspace App from the App Store

Android version: 7 or higher
Android phones and tablets
Latest Workspace App from the Play Store

Internet Connection Recommendations

For the best experience, Internet connection speeds should be at least 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload or higher.

Equally as important as the connection speed is the reliability of the connection. A business class connection is not required but recommended for work at home associates that rely on Launchpad. An unreliable Internet connection can cause disconnections and slow response in applications and desktops acessed through Launchpad. If you continually experience slowness or disonnections through Launchpad, it's recommended that you contact your Internet Service Provider to verify the connection.

Cellular internet connections, such as cell phones or personal hotspots, are not recommended for critical or long working sessions. While the connection speed may meet the minimum requirements, these connections are often less reliable.

Satellite Internet connections are not supported.

For workstations and laptops, a wired connection will typically provide a more reliable connection than Wifi.